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General conditions Old & Youngtimer  

Please read our conditions before you use our website.
 As soon as you advertise, or react to an advertisement on our website, you confirm that you agree upon our conditions. We do alter our conditions when necessary.
Please follow and use our “house rules” as well as legal rules.
Explicit pornographic and/or racist reports, or politically colored texts will be removed from the website emediatly.

Article  1               Your ad(s)

Old & Youngtimer controls the written content of the advertisements, as well as the images.
As the texts are written by the people who advertise (we do not write the texts with the ads),  Old & Youngtimer is not responsible for the correctness  of it.

 Article 2              Your personal data

Your personal data is solely used for the purpose to offer your product(s) or service(s) to the public. As soon as the advertisement is removed by you or by the database system, all your advertisement data will be removed at the same time.
If you want to use our website, your data should be correctly filled in.
When you want to make payments for advertising, you should be entitled to do so.

All data should be actual when placing the advertisements.
Old & Youngtimer will not make  any use of your data.
When Old & Youngtimer will be approached by justice departments to supply them with information about one of the advertisers on the website, we will co-orporate. But not without any reason, we  will always ask our lawyer to treat the request  with precision.
As soon as you are redirected form our site by a banner or a website link, you are out of the Old & Youngtimer rules, but you will have to apply to the rules of the site your are on at that very moment.
Old & Youngtimer is not responsible for the contents that you find on that particular site(s).
You can always "delete your account, via the "my data" button.

Article 3              Copyright

All Images, moving or frozen, are copyrighted. They are used on our website, or are a part of the initial lay-out. It is therefore not permitted to use any of these images or photos or artwork on this site, without written  permission of the maker/artist.
Written permission will only be given after a clear written request with the reason for use, the amount of usage, the way of use (internet, print, magazines, weekly etc.)
Old & Youngtimer will always defend our copyright and owners right in court.
Advertisers will have to make a choice if they want to protect their  images/artwork property.

Article 4              Spam / abuse personal data

It is not permitted to use e-mail addresses of advertisers for any other reason than to get in touch with them for the obvious reason, advertising on our site. (Whether the advertiser offers something, or the advertiser is looking for something.) 
It is therefore ok if one wants to communicate about the "offered" or "wanted" item or service.
Collecting data for other purpose than mentioned above is illegal, and we will take action to protect our advertisers.
E-Mailings (spam) aimed at the e-mail addresses of our advertisers also apply to this article 4 and the same action will be taken.
If we happen to find persons who are acting to obtain personal data or/and e-mail addresses, or who send e-mails what has nothing to do with the offered or wanted item/service (spam), as mentioned above, we will take legal steps. One of the legal actions what will apply to this is the direct $ 1500 claim (One thousand five hundred US dollars) per case, per use of personal and address data.
No more warnings will be made!
If there is no payment reaction from the abusing party, Legal mediation will be required.

Article 5              Liability : the bought article/ used service

Old & Youngtimer is not responsible for the textual content of the advertisement or the offered service.

Article 6              Liability;  the use of the website

Old & Youngtimer is not responsible for any reactions that come from your advertisements.
Old & Youngtimer is therefore protected from any claim which might arise from your advertisements placed, or service offered, which are  delivered in good order or not.

Article 7              Liability:

The Old & Youngtimer conditions apply to the Dutch Legal system.
Any legal disputes will be taken to the Amsterdam court by our legal service.

Article 8              Updating the website

Old & Youngtimer is continuously updating the website:

- for better usability
- implementing  the newest techniques  when necessary
- to keep the site protected against imposters from outside

Article 9              Advertisements

The advertiser is responsible for the textual content of the advertisement, and the overall state of the offered item, or for the content of the offered service. The advertiser gives a solid, complete overall description of the item as offered in the advertisement, or service. The description of the article/ service should correspond with the actual item.  The advertiser does place the advertisement his/her self, Old & Youngtimer is never responsible for the content  of his/her text.
Old & Youngtimer is authorized to alter texts and advertisements when necessary, if Old & Youngtimer finds it appropriate.

Guidelines advertisements

Old & Youngtimer does not have to give any reason when advertisements are altered or removed from our website; but we give some guidelines:

Text with pornographic or explicit racists contents, or just do not fit into the  thinking of any righteous man, will be removed.

When there is a real suspicion of illegal copies being offered (copyrighted articles like images, photos, drawings etc) or articles being stolen are offered.

Article 10            Payment

Old & Youngtimer charges private advertisers an amount of € 10 per Year for advertising cars or parts on our website.
We have different rates for business advertisers, please contact us via the contact button.
In the sections carclubs, automobilia en events one can advertise free of charge
We charge £ 7 for an URL added to an advertisement.
One can pay with Paypal and creditcard in advance, and receive a digital receipt.

Article 11            Exclusion

Old & Youngtimer has the right to alter or remove or refuse and excluse the advertiser of any further use of our websites, when advertisers can not accept the above articles.

last update, January 4th 2011

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